Digital Marketing Courses Dublin

Mulley Communications runs monthly courses in and around digital marketing in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. We have highly skilled trainers in digital and social who are daily practitioners of what they train. We’ve trained and given talks to thousands of people over the years and were consulting on digital marketing and social media well before every web design and PR agency rebranded to include these words they rebelled against to start with and threw in additional phrases like “full service”. Here is the full list of digital marketing training courses we offer.

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Digital Marketing Training Dublin

Training courses and workshops we offer in Dublin include:

Social Media courses Dublin

Social Media training Dublin

We offer many Social Media Training courses in Dublin. Below you’ll find details on some of them that cover Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and Responsive Design.

Facebook Courses Dublin

What our Facebook courses cover: It is assumed you already have a Facebook account and also a Facebook Business Page. We’ll look atAdmin settings, we’ll look at Facebook Analytics, Facebook Page Growth Strategy and how to keep your Facebook Edgerank at a high percentage. You can book our Facebook Training Course here.

Twitter Courses Dublin

What our Twitter courses cover: We’ll look at setting up your Twitter account, fixing your profile, writing the best Twitter bio in order to be found in Twitter and Google searches, how to research and find the right people to connect to, how to find existing contacts you have and connect in your LinkedIn contacts too. We’ll look at how to compose the right content for Twitter and how to ensure your content and expertise is spread as far and as efficiently as possible. You can book the Twitter Training Course here

Responsive Design Courses Dublin

Our Responsive Design workshop will tell you how Responsive Webdesign works, with some great examples. Show you how to build a simple responsive homepage. Show you tools and techniques to help you get responsive

Google Analytics Courses Dublin

What our Google Analytics workshops cover: A clear understanding of the important metrics to look for in a Google Analytics account. A demonstration of how you can set-up and use goals and funnels in your own account to assess visitor quality. Tips on how to produce better reports that contain actionable insights which you can use to power your business. Book your Google Analytics course here.